Black Horse Ranch Welcomes you!

Want to support our Equine Programs?
Join together with The United Thank Offering to
Help us build our Indoor Arena! This is a time sensitive grant and we still have much to raise! This summer we have had to cancel camp and other programs when the temps soar into the 100's! With the indoor arena we will be able to keep our doors open! PLEASE help! 

Black Horse Ranch is in the process of developing three Equine Programs: 

The Horsemanship Program: A program to introduce participants to Horse culture through Equine Facilitated Learning Exercises, groundwork, grooming and care, riding instruction, and Lakota Horse Culture instruction and history. 

The Equine Facilitated Wellness Program: This program to seeks to collaborate with local tribal leadership in utilizing Equine Facilitated Learning as part of a comprehensive recovery program.

The Center for Equine Meditation: This program is geared toward groups ready to engage in Equine Facilitated Learning and Lakota Horse Culture instruction and history.  Perfect for a retreat day!